Writing Services

Do you have a project that requires a writing service?

Have Cara Naan assist you!

(For more information email Cara Naan at caranaan@gmail.com)

Be sure to ask about *P.I.E.E. (Cara Naan’s 4 core values) 

Cara Naan offers the following freelance services:

  • BIOGRAPHY writing – Authors, Artists, Companies, it’s important that you have a clear, concise, and easily accessible biography.


  • BUSINESS PLAN writing – Ready to finally start your own business? Need to put together a business plan? You don’t have to do it alone.


  • CONSULTANT (Written material and Websites) – Are you effectively communicating to your current and potential stakeholders? It’s important that your public understands everything you are trying to communicate. We can work together to ensure that both the words and images you have are working in harmony.


  • CORPORATE BLOGS – Corporate blogs are used as branding tools and offer free and helpful content to customers. I am here to assist if your company is looking to create, expand, or improve its corporate blog.


  • DIGITAL COPYWRITER – Banner ads, social media campaigns, blog posts, e-books, etc. If you need content written, simply share your idea and I will make it a digital reality.


  • MANUSCRIPT EDITING – If you already have a finished manuscript that simply needs to be edited and polished, it doesn’t matter how long or how short, I can assist.


  • MANUSCRIPT WRITING – Everything from simple research reports to feasibility reports and grant writing.


  • NEWSLETTERS, etc – If you need a brochure, newsletter, e-newsletter, to be created.


  • PRESENTATIONS – I can do everything from fleshing out outlines to creating a PowerPoint presentation.


  • SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGER – Your presence on the web is important and these days a website is not enough. Engage your stakeholders wherever they are using social media.

2 thoughts on “Writing Services”

  1. Hi Cara,

    I have been invited to speak to women from all aspect of life and I wanted to put together something that uses technology, scriptures, and interaction. This is going to be a fashion show but I will be talking to them about inner beauty, being made in the image of GOD and know their true value. I am stuck. What type of writing services do you offer.


    1. Hi Dianne!

      I have your email address here. The one you used to leave your comment. I will contact you there and give you more information. Sounds like you have an excellent opportunity before you and I’d very much like to be of service to you if I can. Look for an email from me in…10 minutes. Thank you!


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