The Pursuit of Happiness

The Path Unwinding...

I was in pursuit of happiness

…And at the time

My mind believed conceived

That happiness

Came in the form of pure almond joy.


Happiness was currently residing at the bottom of my

Haagen-Dazs Vanilla Swiss Almond pint

And I’d find it

…even if it’s 430 calories per serving killed me

And with 4 servings per container that was very likely

Spoonful after spoonful
Mouthful after mouthful

You’d think I was chock-full-o-nuts

But I must

Continue to pursue


Happiness is what everyone wants

Or so they say

To my dismay

Only 5 chocolate covered almonds

Greeted me when I’d reached the end

But there are more pints to be bought

So I’ll simply try again

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