Get Under the X-Ray. BE Light. Join Us.

No matter how deep the darkness it can never drown out even the smallest glimmer of light.

Journey with us and become partners in light. We invite you to connect with us and hold us accountable.

social mediaShare your stories and struggles with us in the areas of love, good communication, intimacy, trust and interactions of light.

Make suggestions, what other areas and topics do you think we should explore.

Ask questions. Ask us anything. Ask us about our first year of marriage. Or ask us what we think about certain aspects of intimacy, trust, forgiveness, good communication, love, etc. Ask away.

To have your story featured or to have your questions answered on this segment we’ve entitled

“X-Ray Wednesdays: Living in the Light”

Email Danny and I at:

If you want the option to ask probing questions anonymously do it here:

On youtube watch us here:

Our short video series “Findlays’ First Year” about the adventures in our first year of marriage will air the last Wednesday of every month.

What are we waiting for? (And when I say WE I’m talking about YOU too!)

Let’s BE Light,


***Please be Advised all submissions and X-Ray Wednesdays features are subject to the final approval of Danny and Cara . All stories will be shared in such a way as to ensure that the integrity of this blog is not compromised. Submissions and questions will be subject to the honest and candid commentary that Danny and Cara are known for. Trust between those who make submissions, readers and writers (Danny and Cara) will be maintained.***


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