It’s My Anniversary!! 4 Years on WordPress

WordPress kindly notified me today that it has been 4 years since it and I have been together.

Yes, I started blogging on WordPress in July of 2010! Talk about commitment!

So Happy Anniversary to WordPress and me. 🙂

It may be time to make that thing official – and put a custom domain on it! LOL

My humor is horrible, excuse me, lol.

257 posts



in 126 countries – in 4 years.

Here are some snippets from my first posts on this day in 2010 –


In a nutshell: I’m a somebody who loves Jesus!

In Three Sentences: I am love[able]. I like to love. If you like me get to know my Creator.

Why am I here-

In General : To worship, of course!

More Specifically: I’ve created this blog to track and share my progress with others. I have a couple different ventures that God has put before me which can only lead to adVenture and I want to share my journey. Without others to share in your journey it becomes meaningless. Meaning is very important. Without meaning words are nothing more than deflated balloons. Words are meant to have meaning. Life is meant to have meaning. I am an inflate[r] of words. I am a live[r] of life – as God sees it not as we perceive it.

 And the Inkwell – A spoken word piece


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