I Am My Hair…

A lot of women of my ethnic persuasion have made the switch from relaxed to natural.

I’ve thought about it…and even attempted to transition to natural but in the end I decided that it just wasn’t for me.

Though India Arie’s song “I AM Not My Hair” is sweet – I’m here to disagree.

I Am My Hair.

Very much so.

All my friends who have gone natural have told me how much work it can be and at this stage in my life I’m not willing to commit to that. I get lazy even with straight relaxed hair. How much worse would that be if I went natural??? No thanks. I’ll pass.

Here is why my hair and I are one in the same…

We’re not fussy (usually you’ll find me wearing my hair up in a pony tail)

Slightly red. circa de 2009, 2010

We like to experiment…on a fundamental (or in the case of my hair a) chemical level…(I may not experiment much with hair styles but I LOVE coloring my hair! I like trying new things as well; This post’s cliche is: variety is the spice of life)

What you see is usually what you get (I’ve had weave in my hair maybe three times at most (in the form of braids), I do like wearing wigs sometimes…though that doesn’t happen often; as for me upon first encounter I come off as reserved when I’m really just being observant BUT whether fortunately or unfortunately I tend to wear my emotions on my face)

And most of all

We are resilient.

My hair has been neglected, mistreated, and cut down (so have I! Though, my hair usually only suffers at my hand versus the hand of someone else) but somehow it (we) always (bounce)s back!

My hair is resilient. I am resilient.

In 2011 I colored my hair (which I loved!) but got lazy and ended up having to cut my hair in December.Then I was contemplating going natural and started transitioning but again I got lazy and was in no mood to put up a fight with my thick hair (my hair is thick even when relaxed).

Up until this year I really haven’t been interested in taking care of it as I should but that’s all changed as I’m working towards getting my long locks back…even if that means not coloring it again once I get my length back.

Here are a few more photos from my hair journey –

College life. 2008. My hair was scraggly and was about the length it is now.
2009 in NY (brownish red color)
March 2011 That’s length I’m aiming for again.
This length!!
March 2011 Bra Strap length – I want This length back!!
2013. Today. Hair length now at arm pit length.





2013. Today. We'll get there. Au natural.
2013. Today. We’ll get there. Au natural.
December 2011. Gradation. See how short it was cut in the back?
December 2011. Gradation. See how short it was cut in the back?

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