There Are No Words

My head aches.

I’m dizzy. I feel ill. Nauseated.

My empty. Childless. Womb. Hurts.

And the ignorance and insensitivity that often follows such heinous events

Do not lend any comfort to the people who are clinging

To life. Life as they knew it has ended and many of them will feel as though they have no reason to go on.

Nothing to live for.

It’s unnatural these types of things.

It’s against the very order of things.

It’s against nature itself.

And so the whole earth groans. And all I can do is cry and turn my eyes to the

Only one who has the power to vindicate and make this world right again

A Sovereign God.


Let us pray and remember the families affected my today’s atrocities.

Let them not become a vague memory Christmas morning. Pray for them as if they were your own family.


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