The Thrill of It ALL


I’m wondering…

As I sit here in my ultra comfortable robe (random detail – lol). What our obsession is with thrills and adrenaline rushes???

We all want it! In one form or another…

I find I’m guilty of it.

Why are we attracted to thrills? Why do we chase them?

“The thrill of the chase” Thrill seekers.

For example. People who absolutely love roller coasters (why is that two words and not one? Oh well moving on)…obviously they experience some kind of thrill that attracts them to riding them. But where does that thrill really come from?

Is it from the loops? That feeling you get when your feet are over your head?

Is it a joy that comes from being taken on a ride? Knowing that you’ve given up your control for this moment to ride this roller coaster?

Or is it simply knowing that in approximately a minute and a half this ride will be over?

I’m really chewing on that last question.

If we’re honest the thrilling part of roller coasters is when it starts to go downhill. When you’re climbing up that first hill…being taken up slowly…yes anticipation builds and your heart is pounding but the thrill (and screams and cries) comes with being taken on that downward spiral, that’s when your heart feels like it might burst through your chest.

Maybe that’s the real problem…

Maybe we’re attracted to things where downward spirals are inevitable. I’m beginning to think that people are so attracted and strongly attached to thrills because they know it’s going to end. We justify losing (self) control for a moment because we know that sooner or later this ride we’re allowing ourselves to go on will end. 

Seems like a dangerous gamble doesn’t it? Maybe.

You’d be surprised how many people are risk takers. Even those who seem risk averse in one area may in fact be the biggest risk takers in another area.

And for the most part we think we can handle these (“emotional”, adrenaline rush) roller coasters we send ourselves on. That is until the end when we’ve lost our voice from screaming, or vomited on ourselves (okay that may be a gross exaggeration, definitely gross – yuck), or lost a shoe (sandal , or flip flop) or hat.

And then you know what we do? Why, we find another roller coaster to go on…of course!

We associate glamour and movement with thrills. It seems people no longer find contentment and satisfaction in things that seem plain or still.

But everything gets old at one time or another. I guess that’s when commitment is truly tested.

It’s all so thrilling when its new and fresh. But what happens when it gets old? And what of those consequences that follow those thrilling moments?

Something to chew on. At least that’s what I’m working on…::winks::

*One new post three days in a row. Oh yeah!! Go CarCar lol*

Wishing you peace on your journey pilgrims!

Much Love.&.Light to you all


One thought on “The Thrill of It ALL”

  1. “But everything gets old at one time or another. I guess that’s when commitment is truly tested.”

    YES. This is certainly the truth. I see it in relationships all the time. It results in lying, cheating, and the eventual breakup. What gets me is that the individual(s) involved are usually perfectly happy at one point. Then, somehow, someway, that spark is gone and they’re looking for the next “thrill”. And like every roller coaster, that ends too. I like to blame society for dramatizing and undermining relationships, love, and marriage. It’s a sad reality when people actually believe that love is easy, carefree, and that being with your soulmate means that everything will work itself out. Love is HARD. Always. No exceptions. Like your relationship with God, everything worth fighting for is worth fighting for daily.

    Stay beautiful. 😀


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