That Awkward Moment When…

Awkward Moments 

It seems we live them every day. It is after all one of the most popular hashtags or phrases on twitter…

But perhaps some of us live them more often than others.

Here are some examples…

That awkward moment when there’s tension in the house and you live alone.

That awkward moment when you need a shoulder to cry on and nobody picks up their phone.

That awkward moment when you try to eat cereal for dinner and can’t finish the bowl.

So…maybe those moments aren’t so much awkward as they are uncomfortable or maybe just plain sad! But you get the point.

Sidebar: I finally have the internet up and running at my apartment!! Yes…finally! That’s definitely great news for me. Considering I have no cable. However, it’s not like I can watch anything on netflix because my computer isn’t functioning properly. Smh. It’s all good though. I can still be just as productive as I want to be now that I have an internet connection.

Okay…so let’s be honest…”productive as I want to be” – the truth is as of lately I haven’t Wanted to be very productive. Oh, I’ve been productive to an extent but not necessarily because I wanted to. It was more of a going through the motions type thing. That’s ugly right? Yea…I know. Realizing that was not much fun.

Taking a hard look at your self can be awkward. I mean seriously how many people enjoy looking at themselves naked in the mirror in order to point out their flaws? If you do then I think you’re a weirdo. A real one. Now sometimes it may be necessary…yes…but still most people don’t enjoy it…

Living alone opens up that opportunity. Yes of course while you could literally walk around naked (that’s not my point but sure why not smh) it allows you to see who you really are (figuratively speaking). Who you are away from the eyes of the public, away from your support system…who you are when you’re alone and how you change when away from familiar settings.

I discovered that I am a freak! And no, not in the sexual connotation…minds out the gutter please! Seiously speaking…in this month I have discovered that I am not the person I thought I was…instead I was a warped, mutated freakish version of myself. I’m still actually still working through all of that…

I am trying to learn how to embrace feeling homesick without letting homesickness overwhelm and devastate me. Although, Lord knows sometimes I want to quit and take the easy way out…who wants to see anything through to the end anymore??? Well, I dare to see this thing through. Even when it hurts, and gets tough, and uncomfortable. You can’t be a quitter all your life…

..If everyday could be lived in vintage

I apologize if this seems to be a rather grim post…it is the unadulterated truth though. Of course there’s always a bright side. A few things remain true I do thoroughly enjoy peace and quiet. I’m an in-the-closet romantic who writes poetry and washes dishes by candlelight. Okay so maybe it helps me save electricity. Still it’s sweet. I am learning how to budget better although most of my limited funds goes to groceries and gas.

I love the 80s. I had an 80s party by myself the other night had Cyndi Lauper radio going on pandora and dressed up (all black with eye shadow and red lipstick) to clean up my apartment. <- I obviously need to get out of the house. And I will. Everything in its time.

Including the reversal from mutant to me.

That’s the latest. Over and out pilgrims…

Until next time.

Sending you thoughts of love and light.


8 thoughts on “That Awkward Moment When…”

  1. Sometimes I wish I lived alone. Of course, I live with three women, so yeah….
    Interesting post. Opens up all kinds of ideas. Thank God I don’t have a full length mirror.


  2. There are so many things I love about this post. First and foremost, I’m glad you’re back. I’ve missed you! I love when anyone (but most notably, Christians) can take a REAL look at themselves and know, in their heart, what needs to change. It takes a lot of courage to look beyond your faith and see what you’re doing wrong. Your faith alone will not save you! God’s temple is your responsibility. Guarding and nurturing it to his standards are difficult in a day when it is much cheaper, faster, and more convenient to eat unhealthy food. But nothing comes easy for the worthy 🙂 Change what you don’t like about your lifestyle instead of just wanting to change!

    Also, from experience I can agree with you that living alone has its perks, but also some downsides. Honestly, I think I prefer to live alone. Living with roommates is (dirty) hard work! I try to take good care of my things, and live a clean, quiet lifestyle. Most of the time, my roommates don’t fall into that plan. And it should come as no surprise to you that I definitely walk around naked. Having roommates doesn’t change that! 😛 Learn to love your body, flaws and all. He created us in his likeness!

    LOVE you. Keep up the good work!


  3. I love this post. Lol @ “i am a freak!” i scare myself sometimes. Lol. I looooove vintage as well!
    yeah, living alone (at least the few times i have) really can be…revealing. Makes u see who u really are (and who u want to become) outside the expectations of others.


  4. Thanks for chiming in everyone! Glad you liked the post =)
    I love you girls (Samantha & Kosy) it makes me feel good to know I’m not the only girl who feels this way from time to time heehee


  5. well, well, well, guess who’s in this side of blog town today?! ME!!

    Okay so….”instead I was a warped, mutated freakish version of myself.” THIS is GOD. Only the blood of Jesus allows us to see ourselves as we are; good, bad or indifferent. What I appreciate the most is that that same blood will carry you through, the same blood knows the end from the beginning. So because God has already walked out your steps, He knew you’d be looking at the man in the mirror, shoutout to Whacko Jacko, and seeking Him for a change. Yay you.

    Today, because of the post ahem, I am thanking Jesus for His shed blood….it makes all the difference.

    Love you lots


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