New Year’s Eve.

I’m not talking about the movie…I actually haven’t seen the movie. Although, I did go watch Sherlock Holmes the other night and it was awesome. I definitely recommend it.

This New Year’s Eve is pretty special-

Not because I’m doing anything special…and that’s just it!

This will be the first New Year’s Eve and New Year’s I’ll be spending alone. That may sound a bit drab to most but I’m looking forward to it. For the past 22 New Year’s Eves I’ve been with family this year I’ll be by myself.

I recently relocated and not just to a new city but to a whole other state. I’ve been here a little more than 48 hours now. So far it’s been interesting. I know my family’s been worried that I’ll be lonely, I even began to think that way. However, it was just as I originally suspected, I enjoy my own company. I’m not afraid of the dark, or of silence, or of being alone. In fact I quite enjoy those things.

The apartment I’m in is nice. It’s also on the 3rd floor. I can’t seem to get away from the 3rd floor. This is the third apartment I’ve lived in and all three have been on the 3rd floor.

There’s no cable or internet at the apartment.

Webcam-ing as I Starbucks

I’m currently at a Starbucks using their wi-fi and listening to their tunes…Marvin Gaye, Ray Chalres…you know I’m loving it! I’ve been here for a while attempting to be productive but the writer in me is intrigued and wants to do nothing more than jam to these oldies, daydream and people-watch.

I went for a walk last night, to map out a running trail and then I went for a run this morning. Lovely weather we’re having.

I’ll probably spend the rest of my New Year’s Eve shopping with my gift cards, lol. I’d like to go and explore the nearby city with my handy-dandy camera at my side but…I need to budget I have a very limited amount of funds right now. I’ll be attending service at church tonight. It’s scheduled to be only an hour…afterwards I’ll probably go home and watch a movie or two and pop a bottle of Water lol.

New Year’s Day plans include church at 10:15a and then a spoken word open mic event.

I loathe moving…and I’m a  girl! It’s not like I had to do a lot of heavy lifting but still. I’m not going to be in this apartment only until the end of February and then I’ll be moving again. Oh joy. lol.

2011 has been quite a year. I’m ready to bid it goodbye. I’m emotionally expended. I think this move and all this quiet and alone time will allow me to re-calibrate…

In the end I think I lowered my standards and then raised my standards which probably means I’m exactly where I was before the lowering and raising. So maybe there’s no new me for the new year but there will definitely be a better me. A more well-rounded me. And hopefully a me with a job and an apartment I can afford by the end of February. lol. God’s will trumps everything every time so I’m going with Him.

I could easily find something to complain about but I choose to see all the good. Sure, I don’t have a physical significant other to share my New Year’s with or enough money to do all I want to but I have Jesus and if He isn’t significant I on’t know who is. God has been my Jehovah Jireh and so even in my little I have more than enough. of course, I’m missing Kaiya Castillo and Joyia Kelly but they’re in heaven celebrating and waiting on me. I could go on and on but you get the point, I’m choosing to see the glass as half-full. I can be grim at times but this is not the time for that!

I’m thankful for all God has done in me, through me and for me, but most of all I’m thankful for His mercy. I didn’t have to wait for a new Year for a clean slate. His mercies are new every morning. That’s good news!

Life’s a journey…filled with ups and downs lows and highs and although there are times we may find ourselves alone on that journey we don’t have to feel lonely. We’re too loved!! We have to take the good with the bad and trust God that even the bad and our mistakes are a part of His ultimate and glorious plan. I choose to trust God. Will you? You should. He loves you!!

Happy New Year to one and all when it comes.

Wishing each of you a 2012 that is filled with health, peace, joy, love, and light. May you prosper as your soul prospers.

Loving you…

The eccentric, extreme, and exuberant girl sitting in the Starbucks coffee shop.


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