For 2011’s Sake: The Best of My Posts This Year

Today’s the day.

Out with the old and in with the new. It’s a lovely last day of the year where I am. Still, I can’t say I’m sad to see this year go. I’m ready for 2012. I had some great times this year but I’ve also had some of the worst. I think this is the most I’ve cried…EVER. This year was filled with a lot of sadness, heartache, pain, guilt and confusion.

Still how can one know joy if we’ve never experienced pain?

There were times when I thought I knew exactly what was going on only to have the tables turned and then be lost in translation.

At the forefront of my mind is probably the deaths of Kaiya Castillo and Joyia Kelly and my recent graduation and actually relocating to a different state. Everything else is more or less a blur. If you’re tempted to think “No bueno” let me ease your mind and tell you that I have a terrible memory so the blurriness I’ve experienced is normal for me.

If you’re interested I compiled the best of my posts from each month this year – I had at least one post every month. I celebrate that because that’s a step in the right direction as far as writing consistently goes.

Enjoy and Happy New Year’s Eve.


Allow me to Re-Introduce Myself [Notes from the Course on Cara-Marie]:

[The Birth of ] Ivy.May Photography:

How will you know [You’ve Found the Person You Should Marry]:

Someday [I will feel like this when I’m in love]:


21 and Valentine’s Day Love [Valentine’s Day 2011]:


Holding Back…[About Wanting to Understand this Guy]:


It will be okay [On Growing Up]:

Untitled letter [A favorite of Mine]:


I am the Zebra [Another Favorite]:

The Pursuit of Happiness [Another Favorite]:


Sacrifice Hurts. There is a Cost:


For Poetry [A Poem]:


Ooh So You love yourself? Prove it!:


Musings of a Woman in Love:


[: sigh :]A letter to Kaiya:

How 2 Corinthians Chapter 4 is Currently Changing my Life:


Update: Great Expectations:


On Joyia Kelly:

Excerpt: I was Born a Slave Monologue:

Chasing the Horizon:


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