Where You Want to Be

Where You Want To Be

Funky fresh dressed to impress ready party

Free chillin’ willin’ to put in more work than anybody

The illest kids interested ready to work my body

Slow down homeboy Look I’m more than just a hottie

He don’t want a good girl only comes knocking when I’m naughty

I had to tell him again look it’s not that kind a party

Suddenly it hit me

I’m working hard to impress those who don’t get me

And don’t care to

I’m tired of trying to measure up to their cool

Only ending up their fool

A puppet perpetrating to be a part of their crew

It don’t fit me

Rejection leaves my heart hurt

And my eyes misty

Mad ’cause the guy I like won’t kiss me

And I’m supposed air my laundry out because he dissed me


The public sees our every move

Because we post it to a public feed

But I have never been a facebook philosopher

Or a twitter celebrity

And the truth is I don’t care to

The moves I make would still be made

Even if no one had a clue

In my darkest hours

The powers of cool that be

Could have cared less about me

You have to learn to befriend yourself

Because sometimes you’ll have no one else to

Run to

Fly to

Come to

Cry to

All you’ll have is GOD and the mirror

And your vision might be clearer

Than it’s ever been

And you might not like what you see



God can take your weakness

And create a dynasty

Dine and See

HE is the Lord

And it doesn’t get any better

He’s at the door

He wants an invite to dinner

They call you lame

But GOD says you’re a winner

Choose who you believe

The Savior or other sinners

So I live my life redefined

Jesus gave up His so He could save mine

So I hold on to grace

Look the cool in their face

And tell ’em this is where you want to be…


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