Excerpt: “I was Born a Slave” Monologue and Video

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Excerpt. Slave Monologue – Findlay House 


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    1. That’s a great question…it’s actually one of the things I explored during my course because I focused a lot on slaves that went on to become preachers. According to some of the narratives, especially of those who came directly fro Africa they always felt there was a Supreme God although they did not know what to call Him. Some West Africans were already Muslim by the time they were captured and enslaved. For me an issue arose when some of these slaves said that they were glad for slavery or that slavery was the will of God so that Africans could come to know Him. In any case what we know as Christianity today especially started with the slaves because their masters did not preach a Christianity that believed in the equality of all people but the slaves inherently believed that was part of the doctrine although the majority of them never had access to the Bible for themselves. It’s all quite fascinating. Definitely my favorite course.


  1. So was the bible provided to them by “Caucasians”? You stated that they were Muslims until they came to America and introduced to the Bible/Jesus? Am I understanding you? I love a good discussion, I am just picking your brain. Also, can you clarify your take on the Bible’s and slavery. P.S. (I wished we all lived closer to each other)


  2. Essentially the African slaves were kept ignorant by their white masters. They weren’t allowed to read and certainly were not given the Bible. However, upon hearing sermons/stories about the children of Israel being enslaved in Egypt and Babylon the African slaves made a connection and began to relate to them. This is why to this day people like Harriet Tubman and even Martin Luther King Jr. are referred to as a “Moses” figure in Black history. Despite efforts to keep them ignorant especially with generation after generation being born enslaved some slaves became literate in the English language and some got copies of the Bible and were able to read for themselves strengthening the connection they already felt. At this point in time some Caucasions came with a “Biblical” argument for slavery based on Genesis 9. Africans were supposedly the descendents of Noah’s son Ham (Can’aan) and Noah had cursed Ham saying he would serve his brother as a punishment because Ham laughed at Noah when he was drunk and naked. This argument was unfounded though because that curse was fulfilled when the Israelites took over the Promised Land in the Book of Joshua and the Canaanites became their slaves. “Introducing” the slaves Christianity was originally a tool intended to pacify them. No one could fathom that the slaves would adopt it as they did in such a powerful way.

    Not all the Africans that were taken from Africa were Muslims but some were. Others believed in a Supreme God but they worshiped the sun because that was all they knew and they honored the spirits of their ancestors. Other Africans were polytheistic. Some Africans had slaves as you probably well know but the conditions of their slaves were nothing compared to the conditions in slavery here in the United States and the Caribbean. Also conditions in the Caribbean were much worse than in the States although slavery there ended earlier than it did in the States.

    My personal take on slavery and the Bible is this, there is nothing in the Bible that okays the kind of treatment Black people in America during the 1800s. There’s a verse that says their is neither bond nor free in Christ. Slavery doesn’t exist and the slave masters were definitely not treating their slaves as their neighbors or doing unto the slaves what they would want done to them. The book Philemon is interesting because Philemon is a slave who ran away. That book is a letter to Philemon’s master from Paul telling him that Philemon returns to continue working for him but his master must now treat him as a brother. In any case the condition of slaves in Bible times was different from the deplorable conditions in the Americas. I do believe that GOD is Sovereign and in complete control at all times. So that must also mean that I believe HE allowed slavery and indeed I do. He allowed slavery the same way he allows sin to continue to operate. I would never go as far as saying that He did it because Africans were just so lost but I do know that the Black church has helped shaped Christianity as we know it today.

    Okay I feel like I just wrote another essay lol
    Can’t wait for Saturday!! And I second that wish to be closer ugh I need good conversation in my life…


  3. It is a beautiful monologue I came to this website see if I could find a beautiful monologue like it is and I am going to use it for my next for my section because I think it was so beautiful I should share with the people that I know so when I go back to my next appt in session I’m going to tell them all about it I’m going toshow them the beauty of this monologue thank you very much for making this weather is beautiful my love and I hope to come back to this website to find another beautiful mind a lot goodbye


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