End of Days

I won’t stand it

I brandish

My sword- the Word of the Lord

Might look out dated next to society’s gat

But unaware

Society’s under attack

And spiritual warfare

Similar to gorilla warfare

The devil doesn’t play fair

Society’s kept ignorant and dumb

Ready to explode society’s a gun

But they don’t have many bullets

What good is a trigger

If no one ever pulls it

But I’m not afraid to whet the edge of my sword

My authority comes from the Lord

My rebellion is of a rebellious sort

Society is the norm and I refuse to conform

I rebel but it’s not without a cause

‘Cause I refuse to be a rebel without a cause

The world’s seen

Too many James Deans

Don’t care who like it

This is reality

In the war against evil

There’s no in between

Only one side has the victory guaranteed

Christ is the Lamb that rides glory like a horse

All men will go deaf when the Lion judge roars

Those who remain will be caught up

All aboard

Jesus wins again

Satan loses

But wait hold applause

Only good things for those sheep that were lost

But made their way to the Shepherd when they heard his voice

All others will be thrown out of the celebration feast

Into the street



Gnashing of Teeth

If you were listening for a moral to my story

Here’s one

Choose a side while you can

Before your end of days comes


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