Inscription of Hope: The Song Lyrics

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6 thoughts on “Inscription of Hope: The Song Lyrics”

  1. I first learned this song when I was already in a very dark place, and I have hung on to it for many years. No matter how bad it gets for me, it is not as bad as the place this song came out of, and there is always hope.


    1. I’m so glad you and this song found each other when you needed it most.

      There is always hope.

      For a few years I really battled with suicidal thoughts but each time I overcame the spell and whenever a new one arose I held on to the hope that I had overcome before. Even when it’s night time for us the sun is still shining somewhere else.

      Even if there’s no one loving us someone else is experiencing love. Even when we feel God is silent, He is answering someone else’s cry for help.

      And the world keeps turning and soon enough our time comes and we see the sun, we experience love, and we can hear from God.

      Thank you for sharing.


  2. My choir is doing this song and I love it! Someday we will all reunite in heaven and the sun will always be shining. This song keeps me going in my time of sorrow. This song let’s me know that someday there will be sunshine, happiness, love, and peace.


  3. My choir did this song as I was part of the group that was lead by the lyricist. This song has always been there in times of despair. It’s such a great song and such a great back story.


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