Poet and Playwright

There’s so much going on in my world…

I thank GOD for a job and for answering my prayers about a schedule change so I could once again go back to church. Having that time on Sundays is already doing me a world of good.

I’ve always wondered where my writing niche would be.

Other than blogging…

It seems that poetry and play-writing are my strong suites.

I have one completed short story – entitled “The Runner”

But I’ve never managed to finish one of the three novels I was working on.

I have a play to complete for my independent study class and  I have a couple more ideas on the back burner.

I also have quit a bit of poetry I need to get out of me. I might drown in the emotion that should serve as the inspiration…

So as soon as I get some time for myself. I’ll set to work. But for now my time is divided between GOD, my school work, my job, church and those people who in this season can stand to be low maintenance. High maintenance relationships won’t survive this season in my life.


Just an update. Before I work 6 hours. Have a 5 hour break and work another 10 hours. Pray for me lol


Loving you…


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