I ain’t a quitter…

“I ain’t a quitter/I just ain’t the type/I tried to see it through/I tried to make it to/The finishing line…” -Chrisette Michele “Blame It On Me”

You shouldn’t have let me get tired.

Because now

As far as I can see

As far as I can control

…I’m done.






…and I’m still a little tired. But rest is on the way.

I feel my strength coming on.

But even when it does-

My mind won’t change

My heart is as stubborn as my body

And when my body decided to stop growing at the age of 12 at only 5’0

Nothing could change that


Strength or no strength I’m still




And I’m not quitting, I’m just giving you want you want

What your actions have said you wanted

For a few years now

You win.


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