Hail Mary – For Kim

**A beautiful woman (Kimberly Hines), whom I believe to be an angel in disguise because of the love she radiates, took the time out of her day to share with me in my struggles. She encouraged me with these words “We cry, HE wept. We moan, HE groaned. We have anger, HE has righteous wrath. We fret, HE sweat drops of blood. We hurt, HE bled. We suffer loss, HE died” Her words helped inspire this piece and are found rearranged within it – I love you Kim!**

Hail Mary, full of grace

What was it like to see my Savior’s face

What was it like to see your heart made flesh

How did you feel when we put Him to death?

How did You cope?

Right now I’m finding it hard to deal with a loss

But What was it like to see your first begotten SON carry his cross

His cross

His cross

My sins

Your sins

His cross

His cross

Bent low beneath the weight

Mary I’m sure it was more than you could take

I’m just wondering

How did you handle it

I’m talking to you and I’m not even Catholic

I see from your life that whether gossip or death I should endure

How can I be like you? Sold out to God? A vessel of honor? Demure?

How can I be more like the Savior?

How can I be more like our Lord?

How can I look past this fragile vessel into the vastness of eternity?

How do I look to GOD and look past me?

He was your child.

You knew His beautiful hands and feet.

It was on your lap he laid his head.

It was because of my sins the Savior bled.

Humans prone to error and failure

He left heaven to rescue us.

He is the blessed Savior

Even without a dollar

In GOD I trust

Even without seeing Him

I know His name is JESUS.

We get angry.

His righteous wrath is fiery.

We cry.

HE wept.

He sweat drops of blood

While we only fret.

We hurt.

He bled.

We moan.

HE groaned.

We suffer loss.

HE died on the cross.




Some say it.

Some shout it.

Some scream it.

Some use it in vain.

But you must have whispered it.

Whispered it over and over again in your mind

After the angel visited you that time.

Whispered it while rocking your beautiful baby boy to sleep.

Whispered it watching Him hang on that tree.

Whispered it.

Whispered it.

Whispered it.

So much power in that great name.

The host of hell tremble. Sin hides. And Death runs away.

Hail Mary

You who were highly favored

The Lord was with you

And blessed were you among women

Hail Mary

You had been chosen for this purpose

From before the beginning

Hail Mary

Your faith was great. For you believed-

You said “According to what you’ve said may it be unto me.”

Hail Mary

All generations since have called you blessed

Hail Mary!

Hail Mary!

Hail Mary!

Hail Mary

Full of grace

What was it like to kiss my Savior’s face?

What was it like to see GOD grow from a boy to a man?

How did you deal with His death? Wasn’t it more than you could stand?

It was my sin. Your sin. The world’s sins that tore you and Him apart.

Watching Him die must have broken your heart.

I’ve lost someone too and my heart, my soul, all of me hurts.

But I try to remember I’m not the last and I’m not the first.

So yes,

I cry.

But HE wept.

He sweat drops of blood

While I only fret.

I hurt.

But He bled.

I moan.

But HE groaned.

I suffer loss.

But HE died on the cross.

His name

Your son



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