“This came out of nowehere it seems. Wassup with that??? It’s all dark and stuff. Ooh.”

She’s feeling real

Aggy on the avenue

In your face attitude as she waits for you

Click clack go her heels

As she pace for you

You looking for safety

She’s home base for you

But ten minutes ago today

She was game for something new

Change of scenery that deletes you

When she tells you

Beyonce. Denzel. Paula Patton. Deja-Vu.

Ha-ha-ha you want to laugh

But don’t want to risk her turning into psycho-path

So you step back reword it

Rework you’re ha into a

“Ha-have you lost your mind

You really want to do this same jig another time

You really want to stop moving forward


And press rewind

Like you came from a vinepress drunk off wine

If you want to leave, leave don’t waste my time”

…and the two of you ride home in silence

Pictures in her mind of violence

You’re the driver. You got the key. You’re in control


She looks so good all those shades of red


Visions of sugarplum fairies dance in your head


You don’t see what hits you as you’re climbing up the steps

You don’t see what hits you but you’re running to the bed

Quick! Look!

Behind you

The lost little girl who’s now trying to find you

Put the end to her misery

That you were so kind to

Introduce her to – the misery she lost her mind to



Crying Too

She was your punching bag

Now you really mad

Because you didn’t expect her to fight back

The same way they didn’t expect me to write that

Same way you introduced her to drugs like “Try that”

Same way you used her like rug “doormat”

But this my touche

Take that

Because domestic abuse is never okay

Pay back

And you can give me back my change

I’m almost not sad your life ended this way

Fades to black


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