For Poetry…

I hear you calling me…

Great Scott!

Back to the future

…A voice from my destiny

I FEEL you

Hear the

Yearning in your call

To be touched

To be held

To be caressed

To be felt

You want to be fragile in my hands – again


You like US that way

That’s how we smooth things out

The jumbled and chaotic

Becomes methodical madness


By all the mad hatters

And You are my rabbit hole

When I hold you

When we connect

It’s probably not what others expect

There are no butterflies or jolts of electricity

To solidify

Or confirm our attraction


All we have is a Spark

A spark

And it’s easy to miss or dismiss it

But it’s there

And it’s real

Poetry you are my heartbeat on paper

My conscience personified

Everything I have been

And dreamed and hoped to become

And Am

Everything I am

And will be

Can be found on, inside

And in between those lines

That compose you

You are my life’s lyrics

A sweet song

Wafting in on the wind

Sent from my tomorrows…

Pen and pad surrender to my touch

A freed mind reaches up to sort through, pick, choose and grab

From the words floating over head

To compose all we’ll need for this call and response


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