Let’s Not Play The Game

It has come to my attention that the generation which I’m apart of

Seems to enjoy playing games when it comes to courtship

I for one

Do not participate

Unless the chemicals in my brain are off balance because

My hormones are raging…

In such case I am tempted to be suckered in


What’s a girl to do?

When she’s naturally non-chalant

But then every now and then she starts digging on this guy

And it seems the feeling is mutual

…but then he falls off the face of the earth weeks at a time???

I for one cannot be the type of girl that calls a guy 10 times in 4 minutes

That’s not how I was raised

I’m an old-head all around

Old soul

Old school and

Old fashioned

With the grays in my hair to prove it…

Therefore I must be the one to be pursued

Not the one pursuing

And its only an emotional rollercoaster

When today you’re giving me the key to the castle

And for the next two weeks you go ghost

…and the choice to sit that ride out is mine to make

No matter how tempting

God’s direction comes first

…and keeping myself in check comes second

And when my emotions are out of wack

Then the fun and games

…are no longer fun

Especially when love isn’t a game in the first place

I could go on and on

And truth is I want to give my heart to you

But the price

Its just too high for now

…you might not can afford it (no need to correct my grammar – that was on purpose)


2 thoughts on “Let’s Not Play The Game”

  1. That’s why so many females end up tired and frustrated because they forget to be the chased smh and where do the games end – some girls go as far as trying to trap a man by using kids its not good…Biggups to all the real women who know their worth and don’t play games


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