Laughter & Marriage

We live in a day and time where it seems as though marriages are disintegrating left and right…
However, I’ve been blessed with parents who have been happily married for 25 years and I’ve discovered that in keeping God first in their lives and in their marriage another good indication of the love is the laughter they often share together especially at times when it seems no one else is looking…

I have recently come to conclusion that to laugh is to love.
For example a person who is comfortable in their own skin and can laugh at their self is someone who loves their self. A person who can laugh and joke with someone they are married to, loves that person.

For a while I thought that romance was spontaneous trips or a candlelit dinner at a fancy restaurant but now true romance for me comes in the form of laughter. If two people can laugh together after facing hard times – for poorer and in sickness or even over looking an annoying pet peeve and whatever else may compose a hard time then the love those two people share is something serious and with God at the center of their pattern it won’t be a love or marriage that can be easily broken.

So laugh with the ones you love –
Their presence alone should give you plenty to smile about.

Love & Light! And to all a goodnight!!


3 thoughts on “Laughter & Marriage”

  1. This is so true! 🙂 JB and I laugh all the time. The first 6+ months of our marriage was horrible. We didn’t know how to LIVE together… but once we figured it out, we are able to laugh our way through the tough stuff. 🙂


    1. Hey there! Thanks for stopping by and sharing…
      That makes me smile 🙂
      …and your married and you agree – YES!! That means it’s not all in my head lol
      I’m not married but I can remember being over a friend’s house and deciding to eat cereal – we’d been friends and around each other for quite sometime – but when I poured the milk first he freaked…
      It was a “Who does that? [and] Who are you?” moment – I can only imagine that the first few months of marriage are filled with those kinds of moments and once you get over the initial shock I’m sure it gives you plenty to laugh about


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