Step by Step…

One of the worst feelings in the world (yes, up there with feeling like you’re going to vomit, vomiting and being stuck): Is having an itch and not being able to scratch it…

It is absolutely frustrating

But thank God for…well God – Yes, thank God for God.

I’ve been home with my family for just about a month now…and I had only intended on staying here for two weeks

That was MY plan

..but apparently God’s plan has been different

My car broke down leaving any routes leading out of S. FLorida closed to me

I have an itch to travel

An itch to return to the city of my school

Back to a new apartment where I need to unpack

I have an itch to get a job asap

I have an itch to serve at the church where my edification comes from

And yet

I find myself

Stranded here.

All these itches with no way of scratching them.

Don’t get me wrong I love love love my family and I’m enjoying most every minute with them lol


I’m reminded daily that this is not what I had planned

And I’m often tempted to get anxious

And to feel like I’m falling behind

But Thank God for God

Who reminds me that He’s got me – no need to worry no need to fret

This is all part of His plan

He’s working behind the scenes and blessing me even in the holding period

We often get thrown off by a change in our plans

But there’s always a blessing to be found in a shift

Though we often miss it because we’re too busy

Trying to regain our sense of balance

…For me the blessing is in this time I get to spend with my family

It’s also in knowing that this is a lesson and test in patience

One I need to pass to get to the next level in God

It’s not easy

But it is do-able.

It’s also a time for me to bask in the comfort of knowing that

God’s thoughts are not my thoughts


His ways are not my ways

But His thoughts and ways


Much Higher

Than my thoughts and ways

His plan is definitely the better one

Life’s a journey – one that I don’t have to face alone.

So each day…

I take it step by step – knowing He holds my hand as He guides

I’m working on trusting Him enough to walk it with my eyes

Closed and my Faith exposed.

Much grace & peace to you friends!


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