This is why…

I’m completely convinced that I’ll never understand men.

Most days I feel like they are an entirely different species all together.

They leave me with so many questions

Today it’s

How you gonna ask me a question that I already answered??

For example

If I said: “Dear sir can you please bring me my hat because I need it”

The response I’m raving about would be: “Why your hat?”


Like how do you respond to that???

I Already said I need it

I mean what response is a man looking for when he says something like that??

The response he’ll get from me in such case is this:

“I’m confused. Why Not my hat? I said I need it”


I know women are mazes that are waiting to be solved but men are out there sometimes. Sometimes I think they’re so lost that I get lost when I try to communicate with them even on the most basic level




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