5 Reasons Why I Love Being Jamaican…

I love Jamaica & Jamaica loves me

1. Bob Marley – everybody loves him but he belongs to us. His music is profound and the man was intelligent! Hot stuff. Made me want a “roots mon”. “Everyday the bucket a go a well one day the bottom a go drop out…one day the bottom a go drop out”

2. The food – anyone who knows me knows I Love Food. As much as I want to be a part-time vegetarian let me get a hold of some good Jamaican Jerk chicken or oxtail it’s a wrap for that. And that’s just the regular cliche stuff let’s talk abut the more exotic fruit like june plum and “dem ting dere” (things of that nature). Oh my and pepper shrimp – cyan touch dat (I won’t even go there).

3. The island – from the beautiful white sand beaches with clear blue water to the colorful people who inhabit the island. Black, White, Hispanic, East Indian – you can find them all there on the island. A wide range of skin colors and hair textures.

4. The Jamaican presence – Jamaicans can be found any and everywhere doing any and everything. No matter how far Jamaicans go from their island they take their culture with them. Jamaicans also can be found in every walk of life – they are runners, pilots, university professors, pastors, chefs, and I could go on and on…

5. The language – especially the humor. Jamaican people love love LOVE to laugh. I love to laugh. All when dem nuh ave nuh teet mek a person buss wan joke an yuh a go see if dat a go stop wan smaddy who nuh ave nuh teet from laugh (Even when they don’t have any teeth, watch a person tell a joke and see if that will stop a person who doesn’t have any teeth from laughing lol). Ragashanti – is an educated public figure who Loves to laugh and has a radio show and when something “sweet”  him (makes him laugh) he’ll say “Tambareen fi dat one deh” (Shake a tambourine because that is hilarious). It’s good stuff let me tell you. And of course there’s phrases like “Mi royal” (oh my) and “Cooyah” (But wait, look here) lol Jamaicans man – love them. They also make up their own words and mispronounce words that already in existence for example pomegranate is pronounced pom-gra-nought lol

I love being Jamaican. Black is beautiful.

Sending positive vibes from my heart to yours

Smile a little 😉


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