Take Over

“All we want is you/Take Over/Take Over/’Til we are consumed/By nothing/Nothing else but You/…./Take my will/I give it all/I want more of You/All we want is more of You…” – Tye Tribett “Take Over” from the album Fresh

Father Take Over

I read something this morning and it brought me the comfort that I didn’t even know I needed until I read it.

Proverbs 19:21 (NCV) “People can make all kinds of plans, but only the Lord’s plan will happen.”

I don’t know about anyone else but sometimes when things don’t go according to plan I become unnerved. I’m not shaken by the fact that the plan has changed but more so because that usually means there’s a new plan and when that new plan affects your life and you don’t know what the new plan you can feel disoriented. However, I’m learning more and more to trust in the plans of God. In James 4:3 it says that people receive not, because they don’t ask in the first place. It’s not always as simple as asking God to tell you what His plan is or what the new plan is. When we question God about His intervention and the change in our plans He always sees our reason for asking. Motivation plays a large part. What is motivating you to ask God now? Don’t we trust Him? Sometimes God requires us to walk on water – to C(See)O (Only)ME (COME) to Him and not focus on all that is going on around us. Walking by faith is trusting in God even when you don’t have all the puzzle pieces in front of you, it’s choosing to obey even though all your questions haven’t been answered.

Regardless of how we feel and our unanswered (or unasked) questions Praise God for His Sovereignty! His will cannot and will not be frustrated because the Word boldly declares that with all the planning we like to do only the Lord’s plan will happen. If you’re not used to letting God be in control it can be a very uncomfortable transition. We need to be like Jesus and pray that God’s will be done because when we do that we’re saying “Father, I agree with you. I don’t understand. I know nothing but You know everything”. God is looking for people who will agree with Him so that He can move in the earth. So Let’s pray and agree that His will be done in the earth because it will be done, every word He’s spoken will come to pass – why not be a part of it? So Let God take your will and replace it with His will. Submit to His way completely and you’ll feel peace and rest and you won’t have to be unnerved any longer. Trust in the God that has made a way to take away the sins of the world through Jesus Christ. What else can’t this majestic God do? (Romans 8:32)

Join me in submitting to the Father and in His Take Over.

May the Peace of God reign in your life.



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