: stretches : I’m back =)

“Oi! Ten thousand years will give you such a crick in the neck.” – Genie from Aladdin 

That quote is from the part in Aladdin when Genie is released from the lamp by Aladdin. That’s kind of how I’m feeling. I haven’t been on this blog in a while. So it has been quite ten thousand years but a month is a while for someone who was trying to write a few new blog posts a week. I actually do have a crick in my neck but that’s probably from all the standing, and driving and flying that I’ve been doing. The point is I’m back. I came off of facebook, twitter and even this my beloved blog for about a month because there were other pressing matters of the spirit and life that had to be dealt with but now I’m poised to pick up where I left off…at least with this blog.

I missed my blog…I didn’t miss facebook. Facebook isn’t saying anything I want to hear. I sorta kinda missed twitter mostly because I had many random thoughts that I couldn’t put down in a typed form. : shrugs : Oh well. I survived. I’m mostly just excited to get back to this bloggingness (<-new word because I can do that).

A lot has been going on and I’m not gonna play ketchup (catch up) but if I could sum up this past month in a nutshell it would be this: God is Amazing.

Yea that about says it all. A lot has happened in the past month and even in the past week. I met this awesome young woman of God and after talking to her I knew God ordained our meeting so that we could cheer each other on and be a support system to each other as God has called us to an extremely unique situation. From that meeting we both walked away knowing that we were not alone. I believe a great friendship awaits us.

Within the past few days I’ve experienced what it really means to be brothers and sisters in Christ and being genuine and loving to people who have no other common bond with you other than the fact that they love Jesus. Whether breaking bread or traveling together despite of the age difference or cultural difference true Christians will love you and care for you even if they’ve only just met you. That is a true family and the definition of a brotherhood (sisters included).

Just a quick update back in January I wrote a post called Great Expectations (https://seespeakshare.wordpress.com/2011/01/20/great-expectations/). In that post I mentioned 5 things that I was really believing God for this year. In that post I said “Even if things don’t work out according to the way I wrote them down here they are going to work out in an Even better way – a way that only God could come up with. Any change in those expectations will only prove that God’s ways are higher than my ways and His thoughts are higher than my thoughts. Even the “disappointments” will supersede the expectations I have set.” I’m so glad that when I wrote that I wasn’t just saying it – I dared myself to really trust God and stand on His Word.

Long story short here’s an update on some of the expectations I wrote down. (4.) Although $8000 has not yet all passed through my hand $500 has in one form or the other. I went to a revival, I attended a conference and I was blessed with a few new things. (2.) God moves when He wants to and He has indeed revealed to my husband that I’m his wife…much sooner than I thought actually. I don’t know that this revelation means that marriage will soon follow but I do know that  Bobby knows. How comfortable he is with that knowledge is still yet to be seen but God has confirmed His word in my heart and with him and even used others to confirm it. As God leads I’ll follow. (5.) I said that I would go out of country this year and I believed that I would be going either to Paris for school or with Voice of the Martyrs (VOM) to help with the persecuted church. At this point God has shifted some things. A class in Paris is a vain idea at this point and VOM is not going to fit in to what God is currently doing in my life. God indeed has better in store for me. God recently opened a door for me to be able to go to Africa in the near future for me to help out and experience a church there. And while I won’t be making that trip to Africa alone (Go Jesus!) I did fly out of state by myself this year. I drive out of state by myself every now and then but I haven’t flown out of state by myself in a long while, and I definitely haven’t flown by myself to a place I’ve never been to before.

God’s ways are better (<-understatement) than my ways and His thoughts are higher (<- gross understatement) than my thoughts! I’m just thankful that I call Jehovah Daddy because one thing I know is that He takes care of His children.

Here’s a picture – it’s one I took when I was on the plane. The view was breathtaking.

Flawless! Sailing above Cloud 9 😉

In case you didn’t know-

His Grace is Enough.

Blessings to one and all. Peace.


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