One Night With the King

There’s nothing special about Valentine’s Day –

Not really anyway…it’s an ordinary day

No fireworks

No story behind it that everyone knows about

It’s only special and a big deal because Hallmark and Walmart tells us it is.

This is not me in the role of Grinch bashing Valentine’s Day

Oh no

I had a lovely Valentine’s Day.

One of the best –

It all started with my decision to celebrate with the love of my life


Day turned to Night

And I want to share my experience

…Before I continue I’ll share a funny

I was talking to Marito and he asks about my Valentine’s Day plans

And I told him I’m celebrating with Jesus.

And Marito says “Ooh Jesus is gonna hit that.”

My response was “I hope so.” LOL

It was funny but I was so serious.

I hope that’s not borderline blasphemy

But I do want Jesus to live in me and be all over me

And…well you know what I’m trying to say…

But back from that digression

So I wrote the song to Jesus

It was nice enough

And I talked with Him

And He reminded me that February the 14th is also Thanksgiving Day

Why? Because for a Christian every day should be a day of thanksgiving

I decided that I was thankful for the desire and Ability to love

We talked a lot.

There was candlelight but I didn’t end up cooking.

I was more Mary than Martha.

That was a good thing.

But perhaps the best part came at the end of the night

When I recorded the song I wrote for Jesus

And then was inspired by Him to write a second piece

That turned into a love letter to me from Him

The title is

“Hello Beautiful”

It’s simple


I must confess that when I recorded it

To see how it sounded and played it back

It brought tears to my eyes…

God’s love for us is beyond all comprehension

But just having a glimpse into it-

The fact that we’ve been given some insight

Is overwhelming

He’s always been around

He’ll always be around


One night with the King of Glory will make you feel a love that you have never known

A love that simply cannot be reduced to human form

I’ll be recording “Hello Beautiful” asap

Soon as I can get myself together-


Loving you…



3 thoughts on “One Night With the King”

  1. “Marito” ::typical Angela scoff 😉

    I’m glad that you enjoyed your Valentine’s Day dear! You are absolutely right that every day, every moment of breathe which renders life, health, and strength should be used to give GOD the glory in some way, shape or form.


  2. I’m late, but on time, lol… That was an Awesome V-Day. I hope all your V-Day’s are just as lovely… Spent with the King I know they, will be.. 🙂


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