Show. Feel. Love.

So I’ve got it!

I’ve finally got a handle on this love thing

And in good time too –

Valentine’s Day is coming up.

What’s the deal with love?

There is some inherent desire embedded in every human being

To hear three words

“I love you”

And this desire has so consumed society

That now it’s no biggie to say “I love you”

And that ought to be enough. :buzzer: Errrr! Wrong answer! Hearing “I love you” is not enough. Saying “I love you” is not enough. What merits your “I love you” what confirms those words we so recklessly throw out into the atmosphere? The final authority on any issue is the Bible. The Bible talks about love more than 300 times and get this, not one of those times does it say that they way to love someone is by saying “I love you”. Your words without actions mean nothing. It’s not enough to say or hear “I love you” – love is thought to be an emotion because it is meant to be felt which means that love is meant to be shown. 1 John3:18 says don’t love with your words or with your tongue love with actions and truth. Actions include correcting someone who is clearly in the wrong. Actions include being courteous and holding the door a few seconds longer so someone else can get in through the door. Actions include forgiveness. Actions include keeping no record of how many times you’ve forgiven.


No wonder the bible tells us God is love. His very heart beats for people. Everything from the sun rising to the way of salvation are actions that occur or have occured so that we might see His love for us that we might feel the love He has towards us.


Take time our to Show someone love today so that they can feel it.


Love & Light to the world!!


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