God is Making Me Better…

God is Making Me Better…

God is Making me smarter than I really am.

God is daily increasing me with wisdom and knowledge in all learning and skill (Daniel 1:17).

Let me testify!

In class the question was asked – is the curse of Ham found in the Old Testament or New Testament. Everyone in the class said Old Testament. Then the question was asked what book and chapter?

Everyone shrugged but I said loud and clearly Genesis 9 and everyone wrote that down.

Then to myself I said God is that right? I sure sounded confident and didn’t even think about it I just knew it. Looked it up and guess what…it is Genesis 9. Go Jesus! Holy Spirit you are guiding me into all truth.

I need this to kick in again on Monday night when I have to take my first finance exam…

Finance knowledge come in Jesus’ Name.

No lol.

May the Blessings of the Lord surround you and you 😉


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