Someday we’ll be together…” -Diana Ross & The Supremes

Poetry. Una mezcla de emotions y poetic pieces.

By request – How will you feel?

Someday soon

I will get to feel your

“I love you”

It won’t be a coded, abstract, metaphor

That I have to visualize with my mind

I’ll feel it. Touch it.

And get to say

“I love you too.”

I can hardly wait.

I feel the pulsing of every nerve

As it lays full of potential energy

Waiting in earnest expectation…

Today may not be the day

But it could be.

And tomorrow will bring us

One day closer to


Closer to uniting you and me

A man and his rib.

Instead of a quiet sigh

A pixelated blur

Our “I love you”s will be

In big block letters that

Hang over our heads like rain clouds

Showering us in each other’s love.

The cautious tones will be taken off

We won’t be afraid to love

Or afraid to fight.

You’ll take off your pride

And I’ll take off my cool

We’ll both be naked

And not ashamed

At the end of that someday

We’ll have each other.

You will be the one person

Who can read my story through my eyes.

It will be beautiful-

The way you’ll draw the ugly out of my insides

And paint it on my face

And love me anyway.

You’ll storm into my life

Upsetting my status quo

And demanding my attention.

We’ll share each other’s company

…Or is it that we’ll be invading each other’s space??

Either way

At the end of someday

When vows have been said

And my head is on a pillow

In the bed we share

You’ll be my favorite lullaby

My fairytale ending.

You’ll be the sickness

I never want to be rid of

I never want to be cured of.

Bad memories will be kissed away in flashes of gold

Colored forgiveness.

A life of love

Where we

Crawl some

Fall some

Walk some

Talk some

Run some

Fun some

Jump some

Bump some

Fly some

Cry some

Shove some


More than all of that – unconditionally.

It will be hard

It will be demanding

But all it will require

Is for us to be ourselves

With each other

And we’ll discover that

Will be enough

In our

Someday .


7 thoughts on “Someday…”

  1. “The way you’ll draw the ugly out of my insides

    And paint it on my face

    And love me anyway.”

    I LOVE this. Truly one of my favorite things about being in love. I can’t wait for your time, Cara.


  2. :beaming:
    Glad you like. I’m looking forward to my Someday but definitely enjoying my here and now as I’m being prepared for that time 🙂

    Thank you so much for sharing with me! Reading your comments makes my day.


  3. its perfect. it paints a clear and amazing perception of the aspect of a good marriage. Most importantly, from your point of view. I love the stripping away the walls and insecurities and standing there in front of each other as pure and defenseless as humanly possible. Exposed to indescribable pain, but also unfathomable pleasure. Thats what I was looking for from it. Thank you for delivering it.


    1. Unfathomable pleasure? Um, Wowsers – that’s real heavy but I guess…lol.
      Right on with the stripping away of walls & insecurities you. You got it dude!


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