Insomnia Strikes Again!

As much as I try to run from both




I somehow

Always manage to find myself with in their grasp


Of course I’m awake at 2:30a

The day I need to get up early and hit the books

And bury myself in bookwork

Of course.

Anyhoo my mind is racing a million miles a minute

My weekend was so strange

Mood swings out the ying yang

I realized that I’m more flawed than I thought

Don’t take this as me beating up on myself

I’ve simply located myself

I thought I was doing well when it came to walking in love

And loving others


I realized on Sunday

My love walk has conditions

The way I love is flawed

It wasn’t Jesus

It could resemble agape at times

But only for so long

My impatience tends to come in

And when it does

I find that I go tit for tat

…Gotta fix that because that simply won’t do.

I want to please God too much to trip up on this that can be refined

Through practice & patience

One last thing

I need to not only remember but I need to believe that

I need to speak until I see what I speak

I may need to elaborate on that in a later post

I’m gonna go chasing after the sandman

I know he’s in the vicinity

Sweet Sleep & Rest is mine

(And yours whenever you need it)

In Jesus Name



*Black Out*



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