Decisions. Decisions.

It’s often said that the month of January sets the pace for the rest of the year.

I agree with this statement to a certain extent –

I believe that every day, every moment

Offers us a new beginning

And is not dependent upon the day before

Or a prior moment.


I have made a very important decision today that will set the pace

For my writing for the rest of this year and beyond.

No more posting of my “not-so-short stories” –

…I say that with a tinge of sadness. I don’t know if anyone else will feel it


One thing wordpress has helped me to do is write consistently

And I want to see where it takes me


Wish me love & light

Along this journey

Of course I’ll be here to share my thoughts and a few rough poetic drafts here and there

And even some short stories when

I’m moved to do so.

Also I’m a huge fan of sneak peeks and the like

But (and so)

I think Whirlwind and Rebekah’s Dream Man have had their time on here.


On a much brighter note

I’m returning to the original intent of this blog which is

“To track and share my progress with others. I have a couple different ventures that God has put before me which can only lead to adVenture and I want to share my journey.” (That’s directly from my very first post

Not only that but of course I will share my musings on life, love and whatever random thoughts I feel the need to share.


Welcome to my online diary.

Time to get personal. You ready? =)



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