I Know Me…

I know me…

I Can be difficult at times

I am stubborn

I’m also very passionate

I can be picky

A friend of mine said something so beautiful and profound today in her blog and I feel

It holds true for me

As well as it did for her – she said:

“I’m easy to please, but difficult to satisfy.”

Such a brilliant young lady! (Check her out: http://hearhistruth.blogspot.com/)

For those who can’t catch on as quickly

It can be summed up in this way –

Most girls Play hard to get but

I am hard to get.

I’m easily amused but not easily impressed.

There is a Big difference.

All the effort it takes to get me

Is only half the effort it takes to keep me

I get bored easily.

And unfortunately for most guys I come a cross

They come in and try to set a high standard

And even when they succeed in doing that they end up falling short of

The standard they set at the end of the day.

For me one of the key deciding factors is Consistency.

And sure you know how to say all the right things


I’m a “Show Me” kind of woman.

Words are building blocks

And if your words turn out to be a mist,

Nothing but hot air

Nothing concrete

Then do yourself a favor & keep it moving.

A relationship is about complimenting each other-

What can we learn from each other?

What can we teach one another?

I know me-

If you’re not willing to learn,

If you have nothing to teach me,

If you can’t tolerate my Abstract Randomness

If you can’t be patient with my stubbornness

If you can’t create something solid and positive with your words

Then it’s best you don’t waste your time


I will walk away.


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