A Word to The Smooth Talker








I am Not the average young woman.

The way to my heart

Is Not through my ears.

I will not stand to be diseased by

Your False flatteries,


Not because they aren’t true

But because you

Have no idea of what truth lies beneath the surface of your words.

Your words have one purpose

One meaning –

To seduce my reason so that

I will throw logic to the side.

You’re down to rock.

I should be down to ride

But I’m a good wife

You’re only looking for a good time.

And mine is valuable

Not to be wasted on a man

Who can’t stand the echo of his own hollow words so

He conveniently

Forgets them. Conveniently lets them fall by the

Wayside – as he sows his wild oats

A maverick- dragging unsuspecting women

On a hayride.

And what happens when they fall off?

And their fragile hearts have been shattered into pieces?

Who will pick them up off the floor?

Who will seek out their smiles?

The smart ones

Or the ones with great family or friends

Will know they can’t make themselves

Whole again – not on their own.

So they go to the Unmade One

Creator of creation

The One who loves them back to life

The One who teaches them

How to be alone again

Fully knowing

They don’t have to be lonely

Because even when their by themselves

They’re in the presence of heavenly company.

But what about the others?

Who after knowing you

Go on to prostitute body, heart and soul

To other foul lovers

…You can’t stand to look in the faces

Of the corrupted, broken women you helped to make

You helped to shape

With your selfish ways

And what about the babies?

Who never get to see the light of day

Who are ripped out of a dark space

Because their mothers thought or knew

That you wouldn’t be there to help take care of your seed

Your seed

Think of the misery you’ve brought to the children

You fathered who don’t really know their father

Because you didn’t bother

To give them the love they so rightfully deserved

Are you so unlearned that

You don’t realize

Every decision, every vibe you send out into the world

Inadvertently affects another?

Are you so short-sighted?

Have you been blinded by the pleasure you so desperately seek?

Exposing not only yourself but the women you’ve engaged to spiritual and sexual

Transmitted diseases

Leaving every aspect of your life weakened

Please reconsider

The next time you think to drop your pants

To do someone sexual dance number

That will only last a moment

A fleeting moment in the scope of eternity


The next time you glance at a woman

You think you’d like to have

Before making that advance


Because deep down

Deep down

You know one day

Be it near or far

You want a love of your own

Someone who  will make you really want to feel

From the spark in your brain

To a love sick pain in your heart

To a soulsation that reaches down to the bone

Think of that woman

Even if you haven’t met her yet

Even if you don’t know her name

Because the one you’ll love

You won’t want to have been through the same

Things you put other women through

Think of all the hurt, scars and pain she would have to dig through

Before she was whole enough again to love you

So reconsider

Before you break down the sound barriers

Of a woman of sound sense

Throw the away the poison of empty words and express your real sentiments

For there’s but one moral to my speech

And it is this

Don’t mess with another Adam’s Eve


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