Whirlwind Part XIII

Pavi began to recount her late night conversation with Vance to Liana.

“Really?” Liana asked “I don’t understand. you’ve been up here for almost 8 months now. He has a two year old son. Y’all say hi and bye every Sunday. Why did he have to go ruin that for you by trying to bring up the past. You’ve done a great job at moving on and then here he comes to ruin it. I don’t think he can stand to see you happy. I don’t get it the lightbulb suddenly went off in his head – like oh yea you know Pavi was the best thing that ever happened to me but I ruined it by getting someone else pregnant and sending her a text to let her know. I should probably apologize…Two years after the fact…”

Liana was in the midst of her tirade. Pavi was relieved to hear a familiar knock on the door.

“Come in,” Pavi said.

Mr. Harris entered the room. He greeted Liana first, “Keeping watch over your little sister Li Li?”

“Yes sir. I am my sister’s keeper,” Liana responded.

Mr. Harris turned his attention to Pavi.

“Hal-le-lu-jah! Thank you Jesus. Look at my baby Paris, alive and well. Thank God. ” Mr. Harris kissed Pavi on the forehead.

Pavi beamed even despite her father calling her “Paris” a combination of her first and last name, his sappy nickname for her.

“Happy to see me daddy?”

Mr. Harris put his hand to his heart. “Child, you can’t even imagine.” He looked at Liana “She doesn’t understand?”

“No daddy she doesn’t.”

“Aw, my girls.” Mr. Harris looked at his two daughters.

“I’m glad you’re here daddy,” Pavi said.

“I’m sorry I wasn’t here when you first woke up. But I’m glad, so glad you’re okay.”

“I’m glad you weren’t here. Too much tears.”

“I can handle that.” Mr. Harris shook his head “When that call came, I can’t even remember what I was doing but all we knew is that we had to get up here.” He kissed her forehead again, then he looked at Liana “So, am I interrupting girl talk? Because you can continue. I help raise you two beautiful women I’m I can talk girl. What are we talking about?”

Both Pavi and Liana laughed.

“Daddy trust me, we don’t need to go there with you right now. Just sit with me for a while. Both of you.”

“Anything you want Paris,” Mr. Harris said. “Have you prayed yet?”

“No,” they said in unison.

“Let’s do that. We need to pray for the family of the man who died and also for the woman who is recovering and also we need to thank God that He saw it fit to spare your life. You haven’t seen the car yet Paris but when you do you will understand why people everywhere are saying how you surviving any at all is a miracle much less without any major damage. Just scratches. Isn’t God amazing? Isn’t He loving? Isn’t He kind?”

The three had joined hands and Pavi and Liana had started to cry.

“We can’t take this for granted,” Mr. Harris continued. “We have to understand that it’s not because we’re better than any family who’s ever lost someone in a car crash even less than this but it’s just the grace and mercy of our loving Father and whatever He has for you to do Paris is not yet complete because if it was He could have easily taken you home this way. God is good. Let’s all pray.”

For the next five minutes Pavi’s room was filled with fervent prayer.


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