Living in Ignorance

I’ve been thinking about this word Ignorance like all day today and it’s been on my mind for much longer than that…

Ignorance is like wearing blind folds

Or walking around with your eyes closed

Believing the lies you’ve been told

Until it grows a fungus – green mold

The knowledge of truth is the antibiotic

But your system is drugged – the lies are hypnotic

Pledging your allegiance to the lies – patriotic

Paradigms shifts – the world is chaotic

Your sin’s wind up doll – your movement’s robotic

I want to continue- They say “Girl stop it!”

“Ignorance is your new best friend.” This statement is true for very many people and that’s rather disturbing because people believe the old adage that “Ignorance is bliss.” No. Tell the truth. Ignorance is being uneducated, uniformed, unaware and what you don’t know Can hurt you.Too may people find comfort in living in a state of ignorance. Ignorance is an excuse that some people use to defer their responsibility of enlightening and educating others – “How can I teach someone something I don’t know?” Everyone knows that to whom much is given much is required so logically speaking if one could limit what they receive they can also limit their responsibility.

I’ve found that too many Christians are living in ignorance and there is no reason why they should. Most Christians have the Bible at their finger tips they simply have not made it a priority to read it and become acquainted with it. A lot of Christians actually recoil from the idea of learning more because they are running away from personal conviction and spiritual responsibility. Christianity is built on the fundamental principles of love and relationship with both God and people. However, it seems that today people only want to know what they can get away with (using phrases such as “I’m not perfect” as a crutch to continue in sin) and what God will do for them not necessarily how they can share the good news of God’s love with others. In short we are allowing the enemy to trick us out of the victory we already have.

When we take our eyes off of God and we are not focused on building God’s Kingdom we cannot expect to feel joyful or stress free or have that peace that passes all understanding. Instead we become bogged down in our circumstances and this is exactly what the enemy wants to do; his plan is to distract us and to take our eyes off the Creator. 2 Cor. 2:11 says “…we are not ignorant of his [the devil’s] devices.” When we come into the knowledge of Jesus Christ our eyes are opened to the bigger picture. The devil is trying to use people as pawns in this struggle between good and evil. We know this so why is it that so many of us choose to ignore (live in ignorance) the fact that we are playing right into satan’s evil schemes?

The devil cannot outsmart us not when the Holy Spirit is operating in our hearts and leading us into all truth (John 16:13). The simple truth is that many of us are silencing (interrupting our communion with) the Holy Spirit and allowing ourselves to be deceived. People are literally turning over the power they have to the devil all because they choose to live in ignorance.

Don’t let that be you. Take back your power today.


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