Whirlwind Part XI

Pavi only remembered the sound of sirens blaring in the distant. She felt like the world was on her chest and her lungs were collapsing under the weight. She sat up in a panic only to find herself restricted. Pavi started to twist and wriggle to be free of whatever was holding her back. Someone reached out to still her.
“Vance?” Pavi asked in a hoarse voice. Pavi’s eyes had not yet adjusted to the eerily lit room.
“No baby. It’s mom.”
The sound of her mother’s voice unnerved her. Pavi was confused.
“Mommy?” Pavi started to cry. She didn’t know what was going on. She fell back into her spot on the bed and closed her eyes. Her mother lived 8 hours away. What was she doing here what was going on?

Pavi heard a door open and her mother shouting, “Nurse! Nurse! Please – she’s awake!” Her mother’s voice broke. “Liana! She’s awake! she’s awake!”

Her sister was here too? Pavi felt dizzy and nauseated even though she was laying down with her eyes closed. Pavi felt another panic attack coming on. She became short of breath and tried gasping for air. She tried to open her eyes. The hospital room was now brightly lit. The nurse was over her with an oxygen mask coming towards her.

“Breathe deeply.” The nurse said.

Pavi obeyed. Pavi looked to the corner where her mother was standing. Jalen & Liana had joined her watching her earnestly. Pavi’s breathing became deeper and deeper. The oxygen was helping to release the tension she felt in her chest. Still she found it hard to relax. The nurse was still at her bedside.

She heard Jalen ask her mother “Did she say anything?” Pavi saw her mother look at her then turn back to face Jalen.

“I,” her voice cracked “I can’t remember.”

Pavi couldn’t see Jalen’s face. Liana came closer to Pavi’s bed until she was opposite of the nurse. “Is she okay?” Liana asked the nurse.

“She should be.”

“Enough to talk?”

The nurse looked at Pavi. “Honey? You’re family’s here. Are you feeling better now?”

Pavi shook her head yes.

“Are you feeling up to talking to your family?”

Pavi shook her head yes.

“Do you want the oxygen?”

Pavi shook her head no. The nurse removed the oxygen mask and looked at everyone else in the room. “Our girl is fine,” the nurse smiled at Pavi, “Surviving all that with nothing but a scratch is truly a miracle.” The nurse left the room as her mother and Jalen surrounded the bed. Pavi’s mother moved a strand of hair from out of her face.

“Hey you,” Jalen said.

“Hi,” Pavi smiled weakly. “Mommy?”

“Yes baby I’m here.” Her mother answered.

Pavi looked at Liana and furrowed her brows, “Where are the babies?”

Liana shook her head with disbelief, “They’re fine. They’re with Ray. I just spoke to them and Alex keeps asking if his auntie is okay.”

Pavi looked back at her mother “Am I okay mommy?”

Jalen answered, “Didn’t you hear the nurse? It’s a miracle.”

“You’ll be fine honey.” Her mother added.

Pavi tried sitting up but her hands felt weak and limp. Jalen reached over and pulled her up when he saw her struggling.

“Thank you,” Pavi said.

“Is that good?” Jalen asked.

“Yeah. So -” she looked at the faces of the three people standing in the room. “Who wants to tell me what happened?”

Her mother asked her, “What’s the last thing you remember?”

Pavi took a deep breathe. “Well…the last thing I remember are sirens.”

“And before that?” Her mother asked.

“Driving?” Pavi said with some uncertainty. “Where’s daddy?”

“He went back to the hotel to get some sleep,” her mother answered. “We’ve been taking different shifts since we got in.”

“Jalen’s been here the whole time,” Liana said. “We were all really worried about you.”

“You know me,” her mother started, “I couldn’t be satisfied until I came here for myself and made sure you were alive and okay.”

Liana looked at their mother and then back at Pavi, “Pavi you know she was freaking out. When she called me I thought you were dead. She was in all out, full blown panic mode.”

“I think we all were,” Jalen said. “You should see the car!”

“So I was in an accident?”

“A terrible terrible accident,” Liana said.

“How bad?” Pavi asked.

“One person died,” Liana answered solemnly. Tears instantly sprang to Pavi’s eyes. Liana continued “One person had surgery and is doing okay.” A lump had grown in Pavi’s throat. She whispered through the sound of her voice cracking. “Who’s…was it, was it my fault?” Pavi began to ball. Jalen gave Pavi some tissues.

“Oh no! No.” her mother said. “It was their car that ran into you. They ran the red light. They hit you with such force that your car flipped over into the lanes of on coming traffic. One other car hit you but that person is okay. She’s worried to death about you though.” Pavi cried harder.

“Shhhh. Take your time.”  Her mother whispered.

“What day is it?” Pavi asked.

“It’s Monday night.” Liana answered.

Panic gripped Pavi’s heart and her chest started to heave.

“Pavi,” her mother said sternly “Take deep breathes. Don’t get yourself worked up.”

“It was Saturday…The last day I remember was Saturday. Why can’t I remember anything after that?” Pavi cried.

“You were in a medically induced coma,” Her mother responded.

“But you said I was okay,”

“You are okay. They couldn’t believe that all you had was a few scratches. You passed out during the accident and they wanted to make sure you had no internal bleeding.”

Pavi started to cry all over again but she tried to wipe away the tears.

“It’s alright. It’s okay to cry. God is good. He was right there with you.” Her mother started to cry too.

“How did you hear? When did you come?”

“We got a call from the hospital saying that you were in a bad accident,” Liana said. “Apparently that was all the information mommy heard and she started to freak out. She hung up on the lady that called. I’m telling you when she called me my heart dropped. I thought you were dead. The lady called back same time and let her know that you were alive but they didn’t know much about your condition because you weren’t awake. I called the airline we threw some stuff in a bag and here we are.”


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