Elaboration: i Was in love with a hypocrite

That was my fb status

…a few people were like what does that status mean???


It means a few things

There was a time when I didn’t like myself

I talked about that in a previous post

But there was also a time before that

When I was feeling myself

Too much! lol

I loved myself –

In an “I’m better than you” kind of way.

Not good.

So one meaning is that

I was a hypocrite.

One way outwardly

Another way inwardly.


I was in love with the world

A world that thinks it doesn’t need God

But that is also running on borrowed time

And dependent on God’s grace


You need God but you act like you don’t need God




I’m sure more meaning can be given to that staus

But that’s enough for now

Sleep cometh



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