Love Life Like Lyrics

(For My Friend )

Moment of honesty/Someone’s gotta take the lead tonight/Whose it gonna be?  (K)

I don’t want to risk losing everything (J)

But I’ll take the chance and tell you what I’m thinking (J)…

Only just a friend, the love story begins (J)

Never thought that we would be more than friends (Q)

We used to chill and be down for whatever whenever together (Q)

Did everything for one another (Y)

I couldn’t know how far this would go/I couldn’t know if this was for sure (K*)

Now I’m sittin’ here/Thinkin’ ’bout you/And the days we used to share (Y)

I’m just wonderin’ if you still care (Y)

You up and left me  (Y)

Three years ago/We didn’t think this could be true (M)

It’s been too long (Y)

Now things are strange/Nothings the same (Q)

Let’s go back there (K*)

I know you got another life/ You gotta concentrate baby (Y)

Like how your life has changed (M)

Now I’m all confused/Cause for you/I have deeper feelings (Q)

It’s becoming something that’s impossible to ignore (K)

Is this love that I’m feeling? (B)

This ocean might/Carry me/In a wave of emotion (L.B.)

I’m suspended in the air (K)

Said I don’t know what to do (M)

Lately I gotta watch what I say (Q)

I can’t wait no more (Y)

I don’t wanna wait in vain for your love (B)

And I’m wondering if it’s worth me holding on (Q)

I’m scared to lose (M)

So don’t treat me like a puppet on a string  (B*)

I wanna love you every day and every night (B)

Ya see, in life I know there’s lots of grief (B*)

Though I may suffer/I’ll envieth not/And endure what comes (H)

I know I’m imperfect and not without sin (H)

Come back to me (Y)

Take it back in time/When forever was a minute/And eternity was a second (K*)

Tonight’s the night to cross the line (J)

Loving you is like a song I replay (L.B.)

We’ve been dancing round the moment (J)…

Can I give you my trust? (M)

I do believe right here is where I belong/But I’m scared to move (M)

It’s been a long, long time (L.B.)

But your love is my relief (B*)

Will you know what to do? (M)

My heart says follow through (B*)

It’ll be alright (H)

Ooh I love you (L.B.)

Oh, and we are what we have been waiting for (J)

And I want you to know right now (L.B.)

I’m ready (K)

—————–Key to Song Lyrics——————

(B) Bob Marley – “Is this Love”

(B*) Bob Marley – “Waiting in Vain”

(H) Lauryn Hill – “Tell Him”

(J) John Legend – “Cross the Line”

(K) Alicia Keys – “Unthinkable”

(K*) Alicia Keys – “Wreckless Love”

(L.B.) Bob Marley & Lauryn Hill – “Turn Your Lights Down Low”

(M) Amerie – “Falling”

(Q) Musiq – “Halfcrazy”

(Y) Aaliyah -“I Miss You”


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