I like…Stand Up Baby Fathers

“Your daddy knows you’re a flame/…/For you child/For you, He’s the best He can be/Oh, child don’t you know/Your daddy love come/With a lifetime guarantee” – Sade (“Baby Father”)

I like…

Stand-Up Baby Fathers.

My liking them doesn’t necessarily mean I’m attracted to them –

I just like to congratulate them – when I see them.

A Stand-Up Baby Father

Is one who loves his child and makes it known.

Regardless of the circumstance or situation no child is a mistake.

And all children deserve the love of their parents

Whether the parents are together or not.

When I see a good daddy

I want to cheer:

Go You! Go you!

Love your baby! Love your baby!

Hip Hip Hooray!

…yeap. Another one of my random thoughts 🙂


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