Brain Storming Session: The Sun vs. the SON

I had heard of the Great King Solomon

How in the 14th verse of Ecclesiastes 1

He said everything done under the sun

Is vanity and vexation of spirit

I heard it Read it but I didn’t get it

As I sat down at my vanity table and looked in the mirror

It was no clearer

To me and yet

The preacher said

He was talking to me

Why didn’t I get it?

So I decided

Let’s get drunk with wine

And not with the spirit

Because to hear it

And live it

Are two different things

Like within me were two different beings

One the living dead a zombie

One a gagged spiritual man – the real me

Constantly fighting

Ever dividing

My train of thougt my frame of mind

And a double minded man is unstable in all His ways

And a house divided cannot stand

And I couldn’t stand

The way I shouted and prayed on Sunday

But the next day nothing had changed

I was so empty

Like a gas tank on E

I wasn’t going anywhere

So I submerged into my mind

No one would find me there

I was hiding out in the open

Hoping that no one would see through

My disguise

Silently despised myself

And everyone else

Who put up with this facade

But God…

It was a day like any other

And for the first time

The scales that had covered

My eyes

Were no where to be found

Looked around

And had to shield my eyes from the glare of the Son

The S-O-N

Not the S-U-N

Shouldn’t be

Too hard to see where I’m going

Stolen moments

Secret sins

Had never been hidden from Him

Everything I had done under the sun

I had done in front of the Son

Because the sun is under the Son

So I was under the Son

This whole time

This change in thinking

My paradigm shifting

I had always been under the SON

I was under the weather

But it gets better

Because sometimes things get worse before they get better

So when the storms of life started to rage

I was safe

Because the Son

opened His umbrella ella ella eh eh eh

His umbrella ella ella eh eh eh

Now echoes

His words reverberating

Jumping off the walls of my mind

Like thrown pillows

In a pillow fight

Some fun before bedtime

And like a bedtime story

The moral of my story

When the Son shines

We shine together

Which means I’m shining forever

Because He only stops shining never

He’s closer than any brother or friend

The one you can depend

On. When you become saved

It starts to rain More than ever

But have no fear

the Son man is ever near

And you are covered once your under

His umbrella ella ella eh eh eh


***Much work to be done on this before the 29th but it’s a start 🙂


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