Whirlwind Part VII

Pavi stopped at her house and changed into a bright sundress despite the cold weather. She put on some tights and boots and a heavy coat and went back to the car and made the drive downtown. She arrived at the pizza place before Vance and decided to wait for him outside. She saw him drive past looking for a place to park his car. A few minutes later he rounded the corner.

“Why were you standing out here in the cold?” Vance asked with concern. Vance opened the door for her.

“I thought you were hungry,” Pavi said as they went inside.

“I am.”

“So how come I got here before you?”

Vance smirked, “Because you’re a speed demon.”

“Yea. Yea.” The two were seated and a waiter came over and to take their order. Vance ordered a 16 in pizza pie and some wings. When the waiter left Pavi said,

“How you gonna order for me?”

“Because I know what you want.”

“How could you know that for sure?”

“I’m sorry Pavi did want something different?”

“No.” Pavi crossed her arms and looked out the window trying to ignore Vance’s sly grin.

“Did you even say hi to me or respond to my question?”


“No. You didn’t. Good afternoon Pavi. Why were you standing out there in the cold?”

“Afternoon Vance. I was waiting on you. I didn’t want to sit down in here by myself.” Pavi took off her coat revealing her strapless sundress.



“That dress. You…you look really nice. I really like that dress.”

“Thanks!” Pavi was short. His gaze was intense and it made her want to squirm in her seat, she was already trying to recover from the tingle she experienced when he said her name.

“So…where does Jalen think you are?”

“Ha! You just had to bring up Jalen huh?”

“Yes. He is your boyfriend at the moment isn’t he?”

“At the moment?”

“Yes. It’s temporary but you’re evading my question.”

“He knows I’m out to lunch.”

“Does he know you’re with me?”

“Why is that important?”

“It’s not.”

“Then why do you ask?”

“Because you need to know the answer to that question.”

“Oh really?”


“And why is that?”

“If he knows you’re with me then you two are as close as you put on and he is confident of his position with you. If he doesn’t know that you’re here with me it’s because you haven’t let him in all the way.”

“Are you sure you’re in school for the right thing? You seem to have this desire to analyze everything. Maybe psychology is something that would interest you…that way you could analyze correctly.”

“I don’t need someone to teach me what I already know how to do. Analyzing people and situations is nothing new…but you know that.”

“Jalen knows about you Vance.”

“How much does he know?”

“He knows more than any other guy who has tried to get with me after you.”

“But how much is that?”

“I’m not gonna get frustrated because I was the one that accepted your invitation,” At that moment the waiter returned with their food and placed it on the table. Before Pavi could finish her statement Vance bowed his head and she followed suit and he blessed the food.

Vance looked at her, “Go ahead. Eat. Don’t play shy with me.” Pavi took two slices and some wings and put them on her plate. “You were saying,” Vance said.

“You have a lot of questions.”

“I’m inquisitive.”

“Yes and it can be annoying.”

“It’s only annoying because you don’t like the questions I’m asking.”

“Whether that’s true or not the fact remains that it is annoying. Jalen knows about you. He knows Enough, and that’s more than any other guy I’ve been interested in and he knows that he has no reason to worry because you and I are done, there’s no bad blood and he’s secure in his position as my boyfriend.”

“You don’t even like that word.”

“Oh whatever Vance.”

“You don’t. And we’re done? Who said anything about that?”

“What? Here we go with the metaphors and the mind games and the reading in between the lines thing you like to do!”

“No. I want to know why you brought that up. I didn’t say anything about being done or not.”

“Oh so we’re gonna do this again? We’re gonna pretend you didn’t say that we won’t be satisfied until we get married?”

“I’m not pretending. I just found it interesting that you brought it up. It means you’ve been thinking about it…”

“I guess.”

“There’s no room for guessing there.”

“Well then I suppose. I can’t do this with you Vance.”

“Do what?”

“My turn to ask questions.”


“Why did you invite me out to lunch?”

“I wanted to spend some time with you.”

“Okay and why did you want to spend time with me?”

“Because I’m serious about us really being friends again and I go out to eat with friends all the time.”

Pavi smirked, “So now you’re treating me like every other person that’s in your friend category?”

“Is that a problem?”


“Sounds like someone’s getting frustrated.”

“No. You’re wrong. I’m fine.”

“You sure?” Vance raised an eyebrow.

“Yup. So how’s your mini me?”

“He’s great! Running around.”

Pavi smiled. “I’ve seen him in passing but never up close.”

“There will be plenty of time for you to get to know him.”

“If he’s anything like you, you’re in for some serious trouble and long lessons in patience and prayer.”

Vance laughed. “Believe me I’m praying.”

“How’s his mother?”

“I believe she’s well.”

“Believe? What you don’t know?”

“She’s okay.”



“You still don’t like talking about her to me Friend. It’s hard for her.”

“What are you talking about?”

“She wanted a family Vance. She loves you.”

“She wants me. I wouldn’t call it love exactly.”

“Either way. When her legs were wrapped around you her heart was wrapped up in you and its unfortunate that she’s hurting.”


“That’s it?”


“Okay…well – where do you see yourself in five years?”

“In five years I’ll be 30…” Vance took a sharp breathe “I’ll be further along in my career. I’ll be living in a nice house with Micah and…”

“And what about marriage?”

“What about marriage?”

“Will you be married?”

“That’s not up to me.”

“Okay.” That was the only thing Pavi could say he was leaving that statement open on purpose.

“Do you want dessert?”

“No. Do you?”


Pavi chuckled.

Vance said, “Guess what I’m getting?”


“Ah, she’s good. But what Kind of cookies?”

“Ooh this is a hard one…hmmm…I’m gonna go with white chocolate macadamia nut cookies.”

“Right again! Tell her what she’s won…”

“I hope it’s something good!”

“She’s won – ooh we’ve seem to run out of prizes – better luck next time.” The two laughed.


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