Whirlwind Part I

He was leaning on the front of his car. The hood was still hot. She was sitting on the steps of her porch. Her feet were shoulder width apart, her elbows were on her knees and her hands were clasped. She turned her head to the side in order to look at him. Fate ordained that the two be brought together but the whirlwind of emotion, that fleeting and confusing feelings bring, threatened to tear them apart.  

Vance knew she was waiting for him to speak. It was always tit for tat with her, always so structured whoever called must be the one with the most to say in that vein since he was the one who drove over here he must also be the first to start the conversation.

Vance cleared his throat – hands in his pockets “So…you’re really not gonna invite me in?”

Pavi’s look said it all but still she responded “Yes. I’m really not going to invite you in. Isn’t it enough that you’re here in my driveway at only a moment’s notice?”

“If it’s because the place is a mess then you know that’s no big deal I’ve seen your room dirty before.”

“That was my room. This is my house. And I’m not, Not inviting you in because my place is a mess. I’m not inviting you in because it’s late and I don’t know why you’re here…in my driveway…in the cold.”

“I’m here because I’d like to talk with you. I thought you would invite me in because it Is cold.”

“Maybe you should have thought about the cold before driving over here at,” Pavi looked at her watch, “10:47 at night. What you have to say can’t possibly take more than 5 minutes, 5 minutes that you already wasted by standing there and saying nothing. If you’re freezing your butt off that’s your own fault.”

“What I have to say is important. That’s why I drove over here. I couldn’t wait.”

“Obviously,” Pavi mumbled rolling her eyes.

Vance snickered he knew this wasn’t going to be easy.

“Something funny?” Pavi asked. She was already irritated. The cold air chilled her to her soul and if anyone deserved the cold shoulder it was Vance.

“Yo, is there something you need to be doing now? Were you busy when I called and asked you to meet with me?”

“Oh, so Now you want to ask if I was busy the same way it’s now that you want to talk. I don’t get you Vance. Everything gotta be on your time on your terms whenever you Feel like it. I was busy. I was over by Jalen…”

“Yea you been spending a lot of time over there with him…you been spending the night…”

“I don’t believe that’s any of your business so I’m not going to answer that question.” Pavi face was cold the wind had started to blow.

“It wasn’t a question.”

“Oh really,” Pavi shook her head in unbelief, “stalker much?” Pavi said that more to herself than to Vance.

“No. Not stalker much. You’re sitting here with an attitude about why I called now? Wondering why all of a suddden I have something to say…It’s not all of a sudden. I’ve needed to talk to you for a while now and any time I was in the area and I drove past you were never home and I figured you were with him.”

“That’s right you figured, you Assumed, what you said means nothing I could have been anywhere with anyone and I have nothing to prove to you. I can’t believe you…”

“Can’t believe me!” Pavi was starting to raise Vance’s hackles and his tone of voice was beginning to raise with them. “You, ” Vance took a step forward and then moved backward “You have no idea what it is I’m trying to say to you right now.”

“You’re right Vance I don’t! Say I have an attitude but when you were all snuggled up to your different girls I didn’t bother you. I’m not the one who called you to talk in 29 degree weather.”

“We don’t have to talk out here!”

“Oh yes we do because you are not going inside my house. Matter of fact when we’re done here I’m going right back over to Jalen’s house where yes I plan on spending the night and you figured correctly I have been spending the night there a couple times a week for the past month or so any more figuring or questions you need me to address?”

“Yes. But first can we at least sit in the car.” There was a pleading in his voice.

“No Vance. No.”

“Why not,” Vance said sounding more exasperated.

“Because I don’t like being alone with you. I don’t know How to be alone with you…”


“Yes…I don’t know how to…anymore.”

“But you can get warm  and cozy with Jalen? You can sleep in his bed…have sex with him,”

“Is that another one of your assumptions Vance? What? You think I’m like the rest of these so called ladies you been with? Is that how you remember me? Easy? Well I’ve had enough of this crap conversation. Screw you and the horse you came in on. I’m out I suggest you do the same. ”

Pavi stood up and started walking toward her car. Vance moved from where he was standing he grabbed her wrist. Pavi looked at Vance defiantly.

“Let me go.”

“Neither of us is going anywhere, at least not right now.”

“Let go of my wrist.” Vance released her hand but stood in front of the driver’s seat door. “Move.”


“Please move Vance.”

“I told you a million times that just because you say please doesn’t mean you’re automatically going to get what you asked for.”

“It’s too cold to be playing stupid mind games.”

“You’re absolutely right. That’s why we should sit in my car.”

“I have to go.”

“You don’t have to do anything. I’m asking you to please sit and talk with me for a while.”

“This is just like you Vance,” Pavi said pointing in his face. “How convenient. You need to vent and when no one else can understand Pavi can understand. Pavi the trash can. Whatever this is about it must really be eating you up.”

You have no idea Vance thought to himself.


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