Whirlwind Part III

“Relationship? Ha, okay…right because friendships are relationships too. Sure. I follow but my question to you is why now? Why all of a sudden?” Pavi now turned her head to look at Vance.

“It’s not all of a sudden…” Vance answered.

“Yes it is! It’s been two years Vance. We’ve been doing just fine. I’ve been doing just fine.”

“And that’s good enough?”

“It’s better than things were…where is this conversation going? Huh? Because no matter which route you plan on taking it at the end of the night all that will be left is empty words. So hold your apologies and your desire for change.”

“That’s not true. I think that,”

“You want to know what I think Vance! I think it’s a convenient time to talk all this smack. Smack you really haven’t made sense of. What’s your plan Vance? Say a few apologies and ta-da we’re cool and that’s the end of whatever awkwardness you’re feeling? With you it’s always been a matter of convenience. How convenient it is that I moved here, that we go to the same church that…”

“You always making me out to be the bad guy.”

“That’s because you are the bad guy in this situation Vance. You were the one that ended a six year relationship with one text that said you have a three month old son. What?”

“That was two years ago.”

“Exactly. It’s only convenient to bring up the past when it’s working in your favor. Whatever guilt you’re feeling now you can let it go. I’ve forgive you. I’ve moved on. No need for us to be around each other and pretend to be the best of friends. It won’t work.  I’m not interested in auditioning for your cheerleading team. I’m here for you as a sister in Christ but Vance that’s it.”


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