Failure – Leave it in the Past.

So I barely made it to day 10 of my 28 day challenge.

I have mixed feelings about it – I really thought that writing for 28 days straight and sharing would be the best way to end 2010 and start the New Year. However, I didn’t take into account making more time to be in the presence of God, my schoolwork and enjoying my friends and family in the days left in this year. Since I have been forced to, working on myself and writing didn’t seem as important. Clearly the lack of a post in 4 days is all the evidence I need.

I love writing. I love a lot of things but I’m learning more and more a lesson I thought I had already learned: What I do, what I have done does not define me. I’m a new creature in Christ Jesus and I am defined by my relationship with Him.

There was a time when I would probably have beaten myself up about being a slacker and not completing this challenge I created for myself, but life is about looking forward not dwelling on the past. It’s important to learn whatever lesson you need to learn from the past and keep moving ahead.

The past is being made everyday. Today will be the past tomorrow. Live in the present. Don’t take this minute, this second for grannted. There’s something to be gained from it.

You. Me. We don’t need to wait for a New Year for a new start each moment we have is a chance to start anew.  


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