Dear Sister “If He’s Man Enough To Walk Away You’re Woman Enough To Let Him”

A sister has your back & is always there to pick up the pixels I mean pieces

Corinne screamed “What did you expect?”

“What did I expect? I expected it to last,” Kandice whispered. “I, I expected it to last. That’s why I gave him the time of day. That’s why I gave him my time, my money, my body, my love. That’s why I invested in him emotionally. That’s why I took the time to create something…something beautiful. Because, because I thought it would last.” Tears were streaming down Kandice’s face. “I’m sorry if that’s silly. I should have known better. You’re going to tell me I told you so.”


“No?” Kandice echoed.


“Well, well why not?”

“Because it was love. And for as long as it lasted it was beautiful. You were so happy.”

“No need to tease me Corinne I know you hardly believe that.”

“Are you going to listen to me or not?”

“I’m all ears.”

“It was love.”

“Then why does it hurt so badly. I just can’t understand. Love causing someone to hurt like this? I, I…it’s unfathomable!”

“I don’t believe there’s anything more painful than having true love taken away.”

Through her sniffling Kandice said “I would have to agree”.

“But that’s a risk we run when we love another human being. Human love is finite, fickle, it’s not always as unconditional as we hope it will be. As much as I didn’t like him I could testify to the times when the look in his eyes made it obvious that he would give his life to save yours. It was clear to everyone at one point that he only had eyes for you. I didn’t know him to be a liar so when he told you “I love you” I believe he meant it. You changed his life. Think of it as an act of gratitude that he told you the truth instead of leading you on and take solace in knowing that you set the standard for all the relationships to follow and men don’t give their hearts away so easily. He may never feel the love he felt when he was with you again. At least you both got to experience real love. Some people never get to know what that feels like. It’s only a pity that it came to an end. ”

“It was just so easy for him to walk away to move on. And Corinne it hurts. It really really hurts.”

“I know sister dear. I know.”

“I, I remember you crying for days on end when Courtney left. I hated seeing you like that. Box of tissues surrounding your bed. Dark room. And now here I am, same predicament. It couldn’t have been love. Love never fails.”

“Love never fails. That’s right. But people do.”

“And the thought of starting the process over, of running the same risk is almost unbearable.”

“Sweetie you’ll be fine.”

“How do you know?”

“Well we’re related aren’t we?”

“Yes. Yes I suppose you’re right.”

“I know I am.”

“It’s just…I have so many questions. How long had he been thinking about calling it quits? What did he see in this other girl? How does he feel about her? Does he still feel anything, anything at all, for me? What was it about me that drove him away?”

“Honey it wasn’t you that drove him away it was his own desires.”

“How do you know that? He never said anything to make me think otherwise. Not so much as a cliché movie line ‘It’s me. It’s not you.’”

Corinne let out a little chuckle. “Would that have made you feel any better?”

“Oh biscuits, I don’t know. Probably not. I’d assume he was only lying in an attempt to make me feel better. But that’s just it he didn’t attempt to make me feel better. Doesn’t that mean he didn’t care at all? Is that normal? To have all these questions?”

“Quite normal I’m afraid. Bottom line is if he’s man enough to walk away you’re woman enough to let him.”

Kandice sighed “You’re right. You’ve taught me well. I’ll have to get over this soon enough. There’s life to be lived.”

“Don’t rush the process you’ll be over it with plenty of time to move on.”

“Will it take another man to make me forget?” asked Kandice in a most defeated tone

“I should hope not because that man will only be a rebound and we’re looking for someone of a more permanent nature.”




13 thoughts on “Dear Sister “If He’s Man Enough To Walk Away You’re Woman Enough To Let Him””

  1. “Bottom line is if he’s man enough to walk away you’re woman enough to let him.” THIS is what I want to shake into that little sleepy brain of yours.


  2. ““I, I remember you crying for days on end when Courtney left. I hated seeing you like that. Box of tissues surrounding your bed. Dark room. ”

    really? i don’t recall. i don’t want to either


  3. hahahahaha at “YOU’S A LIE!” and that you should be reading this with an english accent – you’re correct about the english accent part the names come from that Corinne Bailey Rae song “I’d like to” – for my sister stories those will be the name. No comment on the ‘You’s a lie’ part though LOL


  4. dag??? why my brain gotta be sleepy??? smh. anyhoo yes this post is “purely fiction” hint hint wink wink that’s probably why you can’t recall some of the things that I said


  5. oh man how are you getting angry at pure fiction?? and how you gonna come on here and air out our dirty laundry?? I’m sorry you feel insulted & that I made you yell at me via CAPS by way of comments and I disagree about spelling things out quite often still I apologize for the times I have like now


  6. why are you so funny? My eyes are getting watery from having to hold in my laughs smh and I’m sure re-reading your comments doesn’t help either


  7. Is this your psychology degree at work? The symptoms are elusive memories and the diagnosis is sleep love-struck blinded head? Doctor that sounds awful! Tell me what can I do to get better? I don’t want to be a sleep love-struck blinded head all the days of my life!


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