Jungle Dreams

Do you believe…

Do you believe in dreams?

Not dreaming. I mean do you believe in dreams as a vehicle of transport? Because

If you don’t…

Well if you don’t – what I’m about to tell you won’t make much sense.

I’m still going to tell you. It’s just that…

Maybe it would be a little easier for you to understand if you knew exactly what I meant. If you

Had experienced it yourself. It’s kind of hard to explain. But I’ll try.

…All I know is that I went to sleep.

I went to sleep and I woke up.

And when I woke up the first thing I noticed was that it was hot. It was hot and humid.

I was drenched in sweat.

I was still in my bed and it was still dark.

I had to pee.

I sat up in bed but then I heard rustling.

I sat still trying to figure out where the noise was coming from. I had gone to bed alone.

I always do.

The rustling stopped. But a chirping noise started.

I figured it was coming from outside my window.

It was so dark. I couldn’t see anything.

Still I put bare feet over the side of my bed but when I touched the ground…

I didn’t feel carpet.

My mind registered the sound of leaves snapping under the weight of my feet before it translated the feel of the foliage beneath my bare sole.

The sounds around me grew louder. There was howling, chirping, whistling, hissing.

I was surrounded.

I padded along, treading softly. I didn’t think to fear what I might step on or run into.

I was still a little disoriented.

Then ahead of me I see a sliver of light.

Moon light in the shape of a crescent on the forest floor.

Forest floor

I’m standing…I’m walking on the forest floor?

I’m on the floor in a forest?

I’m in a forest?

I’m in a forest.

How did I get into this forest?

I tried to remember the last thing that I could remember.



I went to sleep!

But then…how did I get here??

I started to relax

As real as this feels it all makes sense.

I’m dreaming!

I thought I was dreaming.

But even then I knew it was the realest dream I’d ever had.

I stood on that slice of moonlight

And looked up trying to see as far as I could see

Up into the jungle’s canopy?

There’s a canopy.

This is not just a forest this is a jungle.

I pivot in the ray of the moonlight

The ray that has slipped through

The thick covering of trees

And I see…

I saw


They were so still.

I thought that maybe they were

Sleeping –

But their eyes were open.

They were looking at me.

And either my eyes had adjusted

To the darkness or

The scene around me

Was glowing in the dark.

The colors were so vivid!

There were birds –

Colorful parrots

Red, yellow, and blue.

A gold and black tucan

There was a leopard

A giraffe

A zebra

A tiger

A monkey

I saw butterflies

The size of my head

Then they all started

Coming towards me.

I didn’t panic –

I felt strangely calm.

The animals encircled me.

Looking at me

As though I were some foreign


The leopard purred

And came right up to me.

I bent down

And ran my fingers through its fur.

The monkey left the circle

And went to my bed

He climbed up on it

And started inspecting my pillows.

I laughed .

I moved around the circle touching

And feeling every animal.

I remember everything.

And the last thing I remember


Waking up in my room again


I remember thinking

This must be what Adam and Eve felt like.


Just for a moment

I had been in Eden.


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