I was talking to my big sister and she told me that it’s been interesting to see the way that my writing has changed. She broke it down into three stages.

“You were writing first about the guy, everything about him and then you started writing about a nonexistent relationship and what it would be like and somewhere along the line JESUS showed up and it hasn’t been the same since.”

Even though I have that in quotes it might not be the exact words she said because I have terrible short-term memory but that’s the gist of it! LOL.

Also I was listening in on this conference call and someone was talking about how sometimes we don’t even bring talent to the table but when God calls you He equips you and gives you all the talent you need to get where He wants you to be especially when it concerns His work it gets to the point where it’s Him and not you. The person speaking talked about the part of the  Bible that says God will give us the words when we need them, all we have to do is open our mouth .

Morphing, transformation, and evolution happen on many levels and to certain degrees but the highest level and degree of change takes place when you Surrender your life to Jesus Christ, that’s when God can truly do exceeding abundantly all that you can ask or think (Ephesians 3:20). Let’s face it – as human beings we are finite creations. By nature we are limited even in our thinking when God comes in He can blow the lid off everything you thought you knew and understood about yourself and then He can work through you to reach others. That’s transformation! That’s Purpose! Where are you in your metamorphosis?


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